Watering Jug





Negishi-san has been making watering cans  with his own hands for more than 20 years, as has his father before him. His watering cans with the long spout are refined tools, designed and crafted to water bonsai. These objets were so perfect that Jasper Morrison, the renowned London based designer, first hesitated to intervene with a new design. But discussing with the craftsmen, we identified the goal of the collaboration in creating a different type of watering can that allows to be be used at home by regular people for regular plants. Jasper Morrison’s watering jug is made with the same traditional technique of cutting, bending and soldering sheets of brass, copper or steel, but design to be used indoors and on balconies. It is a timeless tool, reminding of classic oil cans, that instinctively makes one want to use it when looking at it.