Folding Screen






Kataoka Byoubuten is building hand made traditional folding screens, like they have been made in Japan for centuries. While in the past, folding screens have been part of daily life, today people don’t have the need or the space for them in their home.  While traditionally the screens have been hand-painted, this has become very expensive, which made hand painted screens very rare. We realised that when a screen is hand painted, it brings the whole beauty of this old craft to life. The screen is a fascinating medium for contemporary artists, since it is an object between two and three dimensions, that can be used on a wall as well as freestanding in a space. In order to illustrate and promote the potential of the folding screen as medium for contemporary art, French artist and designer Nathalie Du Pasquier has been invited to paint on this specially made screen. She painted a monochrome, graphical picture that adopt the architectural nature of the screen and make in an object between art, architecture and design. The screen has been exhibited at the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Switzerland as part of a Group exhibition in February 2022.