Sumida Contemporaryは、墨田区内のメーカーと日本や世界中のデザイナーとのコラボレーションによって、現代の生活に添ったプロダクトを開発するレーベル。伝統と卓越した職人技と、創造的かつ革新的なデザイナーのアイデアを結集し、新しい時代の東京、日本の更なるものづくりの発展に貢献するプラットフォームでもあります。



墨田区は墨田のものづくりのサポートとプロモーションを目的に、東京を拠点に「KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD」や有田焼「2016/」を手掛けているデザインディレクター、ダヴィッド・グレットリを招き、このプロジェクトを進めています。


Sumida Contemporary is a new platform and a curated label for contemporary products, developed by selected local manufacturers in collaboration with Japanese and international designers. The project brings together the tradition and skills of the craftsmen with the innovation and creativity of the designers to develop a new generation of daily items, made in Tokyo - for Japan and the world.

Sumida, one of the 23 wards of Tokyo metropolis, has been a manufacturing city for more than 300 years. In Sumida small and large factories and craft businesses, are still producing everything from soap to lacquerware, from glass to leather goods, from watering cans to brushes, in the midst of the metropolis. The Sumida city administration invited Tokyo based design director David Glaettli (Karimoku New Standard, 2016/ Arita ) to develop this project with the aim to support and promote Sumida and its historically grown industry.


Glaettli Design Direction Ltd.
Fukasawa 1-11-11/101, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo



デイリープレス 竹形尚子

東京都目黒区青葉台 3-5-33


墨田区産業振興課 / Sumida City Economic Development Section,

TEL: 03 5608 6188


商品についてのお問い合わせは Productsページに記載の各メーカーへお問い合わせください。

For inquiries about the products, please contact the individual manufacturers indicated on the product pages.

Creative Direction:

Glaettli Design Direction Ltd. - David Glaettli /


Graphic + Web Design:

Sebastian Fehr /


Produce: / Sumida city


Special thanks to:

Fondation Sakae Stünzi,

Embassy of Switzerland in Japan